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24, Boogschutter, Russia
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Happy St. Valentine's day, Vikki ! Meow meow ... for my love ) Happy New Year to you !!! V Coffee Happy Birthday for you dear Vikki.
Happy Birthday, dear Vikki ! happy Birthday

V Welcome back, my dear Vikki ! This bouquet will be little surprise for you :-). Like you ! My congratulation to you, dear Vikki ! Drive carefully and wish you a lot of happy kilometers with steering wheel in your hands ! My little pinky attention ;-) When you'll see this Teddy, have on your mind, that i'm still thinking of you !!! Just for you, Vikki !
18th months of happiness )) Thank you, dear Vikki ! Happy women's day to you, dear Vikki ! Bouquet of roses for an amazing girl ! Happy St. Valentine's Day !!! You'll be in my heart always ... for my sweatheart !!! Happy New Year, dear Vikki !
and wanna know, how many roses are in this bouquet ;-) Don't listen weird notice about yourself. Some people are really strange, without respect to your privacy. Maybe my apologize to people, animals are strange, especially one here )) kisses Vikki ! Hey Vikki ! I'm Teddy and would like to be your friend ... )) for good mood, for you only ! sweet kisses just for you, my dear ! Kisses for the nice evening and good mood :-) kisses
something better to sushi ;-) bon appetite ! bon appetite ! it doesn't need any words ... 111 roses and 11 months ... Enjoy this special day, dear Vikki !
for refreshment :-). Have a good day, dear Vikki ! Thank you, sweetheart ;-) close your eyes and take a deep breath  ! Still have a good mood, close people around yourself ! kisses Wish you a nice day ! Я желаю вам хорошего дня ! jen pro tebe, moje drahá Vikki !
look forward to another 10 months, kisses Vikki ! for my only one, for the best one here, just for you, Vikki !!! And the winner is ... Delight_Vikki ! kisses i've heard somewhere, that you collect such subjects ... so here's the new one for you ;-) something for your free time ;-) heart for you ... kiss
Welcome back soon ! for you, dear Vikki ! to the Women's Day !!! Happy St. Valentine's Day !!! Merry Christmas ! don't driving, when you are drinking, please ... ;-)
Sweet Christmas :-) ... love pink colour ! 3rd beer ! 2nd beer ! 1st beer ! HB !!!
... pro snadnější cestování, pro tebe, Vikki :-) Bottle of Champagne for you ! :-) Enjoy strawberries ! :-) for better dayand just for you ! kiss ты лучший ! я люблю тебя:-) Hafff ! You are my new carer and i'm new friend for your catfriend :-)
... pro lepší náladu, pro tvůj úsměv, pro tebe :-) beautiful flower for pretty girl ! Vika, cheers ! ... for the best decision making, Vika :-) will it be this pussycat gift for you, Vika, or for Oskar ? I´m not sure ... :-) kiss bouquet of roses for my the most favourite one - enjoy, Vika !
Доброе утро!

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Lengte170cm – 175cm
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I always up for a fun.If you like what I do for you, please tip me.Kiss
Wat vind ik een afknapper
Dont be RUDE please.
Dont call me bitch or smth like that

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girl right from my dreams!
wearing stockings and drinking jack :)
so sexy and sensual
I wish you very much happy women's day dear Viki! Let him be beautiful, pleasant not only the today's one, but the rest of the days of the year! :)
Моя Прекрасная Виктория! Спасибо за поздравление!
Поздравляю Вику с последним зимним вечером!!!
Спасибо, Вика, за почти весеннее поздравление!!!
С праздником, дорогие мужчины! Оставайтесь в любой жизненной ситуации верны своему слову, ведь это и отличает настоящих мужчин! Будьте надежным спутником для своей женщины, ведь для нас так важно чувствовать себя как за каменной стеной рядом с любимым и любящим!) И в ответ пусть ваша любимая будет, как бы банально не звучало, и в горе и в радости, рядом, даже если все вокруг отвернутся от вас!) Будьте здоровы, счастливы, и любимы!!!
Dear Vika, would like to wish you a happy St. Valentine's day ! Let this day and not only this one is fullfiled with love ! Your heart is big and kind, inside is still place for your close people. Love and be loved ! One year later, but still the same words :)
Вика самая красивая милая очаровательная !!!
С Днем Святого Валентина и всех влюбленных вас, друзья!!! Пусть взаимная любовь живет в ваших сердцах и наполняет жизнь смыслом! И пусть те, к кому тянется душа и все ваши мысли, всегда будут рядом...
Happy St. Valentines Day, friends!!!Lets mutual love lives in our hearts and makes life worthwhile! And let all, to who streatches the soul and all our thoughts, will be near always...
always hot ;)
Thank you for the flowers, Lukas (MUCHLUV)

Delight_Vikki Thank you for the flowers, Lukas (MUCHLUV) custom pic 1

Lukas (MUCHLUV), thank you!Kissss

Delight_Vikki Lukas (MUCHLUV), thank you!Kissss custom pic 1


Delight_Vikki My FIRST custom pic 1

Delight_Vikki My FIRST custom pic 2

Delight_Vikki My FIRST custom pic 3

Delight_Vikki My FIRST custom pic 4

Lukas, its an amazing gift from you! Thank you

Delight_Vikki Lukas, its an amazing gift from you! Thank you custom pic 1